Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google's Busy Day

Google had a busy day today and it's not over yet.

First, Google introduced a web-based app store for Chrome but it is also accessible from other browsers as well.

Second, Google introduced an open source video codec. I'm not going to get into motives and such here but it's open source and no royalty involved.

Third, a lot of chatters of Google and its move into the living room.

Also just as importantly, Adobe seems to be supporting HTML 5 with a new update pack for Dreamweaver. I'm sure Apple has a lot to do with it as does Google's support for HTLM 5 despite also using Adobe and its Flash as a proxy war against Apple in the mobile market.

I thought I bring this up now without getting into too much details and analysis. But Google is looking to change the rules of the Web. I think it's a great thing. Best way to predict the future is to create the means to fabricate it.

I'm sure its competitors have their own plans as well.

Note:  What I didn't see today but, hopefully this week, is Adobe's Flash demo on Android.

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