Saturday, May 29, 2010

iPad: Yeah, It's Big. Ask the Europeans And Japanese

Friday was the international launch for the iPad in 9 different countries.  Don't think the tablet market has legs? Well, maybe it could be just about the iPads and Steve Jobs' reality distortion field but I think tablets are here to stay.

Here's a video of some lucky buyers in Europe.  Thousands have lined up across Europe and a couple of thousand at Softbank's main store alone.

What's brilliant about the launch is that Apple will roll out the iPad in waves. And it won't be complete for quite some time. So be prepared to see this kind of media coverage.

Oh, and the 4th gen iPhone is coming. Be prepared for Apple to dominate the media still. Google had some great things going for it at the Google I/O. Right now, it's Apple's turn and if I'm a competitor, I get out of the way. Since the iPad launched, it's been Apple and what Apple's doing on mobile.

Yeah, the iPad is big. The tablet market is going to be bigger.

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