Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MegaPower:  Is US-Sino Merger Inevitable Like The Alliance In Firefly?

For those who are fans of Firefly, you'll notice that some of the characters mumble through their lines, making it hard to understand what they are saying.  No, it's not that they're bad actors.  I think the crew of Firefly offered a great group dynamics.  

No mumbling by the cast of Firefly.  They're speaking Chinese.  Why?  Well, a true Firefly fan would know that.  For the rest of the world, I'll tell you why.

Because in the future espoused by Firefly, the Alliance, a merger of the US and China, dominated the world and the known universe.  

Is this possible?  A future dominated by the shared US-Sino interests?

More at Onxo Mobile Society

Note:  This isn't a mobile-specific post.  But who knows what kind of new mobile market will emerge from such an alliance or how mobile will aid in forming or making sure such an enterprise is never formed.  At the very least, it's fun to write about. 

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