Monday, May 31, 2010

Microsoft Needs Own Browser OS

It made sense years ago for the government to prosecute Microsoft for its various anti-competitive practices. After all, it was malicious in trying to squeeze out competitors and leverage the dominate position it has in the desktop and office suite business.

Now? I am sure the goverments in DC and Brussels are watching things carefully but perhaps Microsoft need not worry any longer. The market has changed as had technology, particularly in mobile computing.

I think it's time for Redmond to launch a new OS based on browser and open standard technology.

If Microsoft's competitors like Googlecan create an OS and essentially lock out others, it does mean the old ways of thinking about platforms and developments are outdated.

I love to see what Microsoft can come up with in this respect. It will be interesting given the legacy support of Windows and how Microsoft will move away from it.

I don't know if Web-only computing is the future. It'll be more of a merger between cloud-based and some non-Webapp functions.

I am not sure if this will ever happen but Microsoft is slowly loosing grip on their old strongholds and it needs to start really thinking out of the box to compete.

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