Monday, May 17, 2010

Mobile War: Less Talk, More Innovation

I think everyone should just shut up. Particularly on the Adobe side and the bloggers when it comes to the Flash War and whatever philosophy is employed in creating a mobile platform or garden.

I think most mobile users could care less about that. They want thinks to work. They want information and access to it with as little buttons pushed or taps on the screen.

We want beautiful apps that work seamless and looking good.

I'll grant that there are a minority who are interested in openness on all platforms. The ability to install whatever I want. Flash? Okay if you're not concerned about battery life. Porn apps? Not my cup of tea but, hey, if someone wants it, go right ahead. You know your way in and out of a mobile OS? Do what you will if you're not afraid of security concerns.

Personally, I'm for that this openess.

However, I'm willing to live within the iPhone walled garden if I don't have to content with malware and viruses. Apple promises the iPhone just works and I've yet to find a situation where it doesn't.

So where does this leave most mobile warriors? I think you're in the same boat I'm in. So here's what everyone should do. The developers, providers, and platforms just need to shut up and try to win us over with innovations.

So again, everyone needs to chill, shut up, and get to work. If you're going to get in a game of words, we'll see through it. These days, we're pretty savy.

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