Monday, May 10, 2010

Nintendo Tweets

Here are today's tweets on Nintendo and what I think about their mobile gaming plans:

Nintendo: Apple is the future battles will be with. (part 1)

Nintendo: Recently hit by slowing sales. XL version probably not helping much with sales except with senior citizens. (part 2)

Nintendo: 3DS is the future. I’m not sure that’s enough. Need to change rules of the game to compete. (part 3)

Nintendo: Don’t take eyes off Microsoft or Sony, guys. WM7 plus zune plus gaming. PSP2 with mobile computing and telephony (part 4)

Nintendo: App store needs to grow more. Debating about online gaming. Suggest Mario & Co try everything (part 5)

Nintendo: Bring online socials to DS. But needs to make it safe for kids (part 6)

Nintendo: I would play in a “Nintendo Park” or “Nintendo World” (part 7)

Nintendo: I would love to see a multi-touch Nintendo tablet. That would be so cool (part 8)

Nintendo: Maybe they should have bought Palm and WebOS. Too late. How about licensing with HP. (part 9)

Nintendo: Android OS with Nintendo gaming? That would stop iPhone and others in their tracks (part 10)

Nintendo: Interesting post on Nintendo’s views on Apple and what’s next for mobile gaming (part 11)

Nintendo: I’ve got a lot of confidence in Maro and folks. Experienced death before like Apple. Future is still bright. (part 12)

Nintendo: They have the potential to even redefine mobile in ways that is Apple-esque. (part 13)

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