Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Right Solar Incentive Could Create 200K Jobs And 1GW of Power In the US

With the right kind of incentive from Washington, 200,000 jobs may be created while 1,000KW of power created to power about a quarter million homes in the United States.  And the benefits don't just end there.  Green tech begets green tech as the old saying goes.  Well, not really.  However, if there are more solar power that goes online, it would also means less fossil fuel burnt as they are displaced by renewable power.

This from a Reuter post taking information from a trade group representing solar manufacturers.  So take it with a grain of salt.  Nevertheless, even at half the projection, 100,000 jobs created in this economic turmoil we're currently in, is a bonus.

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is calling for "tax credits and a two-year extension to a federal grant program for U.S. solar projects".  The idea is to "solar manufacturing costs to be claimed as an investment tax credit".  

US solar energy growth has grown for the 4th straight year even through the deep global recession.  The trade group feared growth would be halted without continuing government intervention.  Again, this is trade group tactics no doubt.

Nevertheless, Onxo does support preservation and conservation of the environment and, personally, as a guy who sweats easily, I wouldn't mind a cooler climate too.  

More at Reuters.

Note:  The US economy is doing well but there is a European contagion that might spread to our shores.  Plus, a jobless economic recovery, in my mind, constitutes economic turmoil.

Another Note:  I'm for free trade and market forces and all that good stuff but pushing for self-sustaining energy source and a clean planet is in the vital interests of US national security.  It's a national security of any country for that matter.  

Last Note:  We can also use some help with battery research to store all that wind and solar powers generated.  You know me here at Onxo.  I love my long battery lives.

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