Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping & Saving With Mobile Apps

May folks are already using scanner apps to help them find the cheapest price for whatever they're looking for.  It was on the Android that I first discovered such an app.  Slowly, more apps came into the Marketplace and soon other platforms have their own apps to scan barcodes.

Amazon even allows us to take a picture of product and return to us the information and price if they happen to sell it.

Now, I'm looking for something more sophisticated.  I'm looking for an app that can run my chores, help me find the most efficient route, and save money in the process.  So what exactly am I looking for?

  • by typing in my zipcode, all the local supermarket specials will pop up.
  • I can match my shopping list to the specials and see which supermarket allows me to get the most bang for my buck.
  • Plot out routes for errands to help me save time.
  • Remember my history - might serve to tell me that I need milk or pay a bill.
  • Recommend nearby places to go in case I need to get something done on a to-do list.
I hate chores, shopping for grocery, and doing bills.  But if such an app can make it easier for me to get everything done on one trip, I think there ought to be an app for that.

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