Sunday, May 30, 2010

Should Mobile And Health Go Hand-In-Hand?

I have an image of what a mobile warrior ought to be like.

Strong, diligent but not a workaholic. Don't mind having fun. Ambitious but cares about society in general. Lives a green life as much as possible. Athletic and, if not a member of the gym, is an avid follow of P90X (P90X is a link is to Amazon). Carries a mobile device to check back with the office. Keep up-to-date on world and tech events while occasionally play a few quick games here and there.

There are a lot of apps out there across the mobile landscape and platforms for this life style. Personally, I'm far from it as far as being fit but the journey is long. I think that's key don't you think - the journey?

But the truth of this subject is far the reality I painted just here. I started thinking about now because I'm currently at a Starbucks and right on front of me are three men sitting around with their iPhones and Blackberry smoking away. They seem like accomplished middle-aged men. When I walked pass them to enter Starbucks, I heard them talking about politics (I think they were trashing Obama but at least they're not talking about American Idol).

I suppose as mobile permeates society, we will inevitably and increasingly have people who don't fit a certain type of stereotype carrying around tech gadgets. It is both an accomplishment of how companies have made it easier for the consumer to use technology and how society have come to embrace it to its betterment.

Whether this is about health or even trying to live green, I hope companies and developers will make products and apps that will aid in that respect. We don't need to create a homogenous society filled with the stereotypical mobile warrior I painted above but mobile can be so much more than checking updates, todo lists, or playing games.

For now, I challenge my follow readers to use tech for healthy living. I use a few apps on the Android and the iPhone to help me count calories and keep tracking my weight-loss regiment and track my running. Are there anything else out there you like to share with how you use mobile to maintain healthy living?

To answer the question in the title of this point, I am not sure that mobile and health should go hand-in-hand though I strongly recommend it.

DISCLOSURE: P90X link above will take you to the product page on Amazon.

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