Tuesday, May 25, 2010

T-Mo Introduces 4G-Like Speed But Ma Bell Sayz Hold On A Sec

Talk about an East Coast biase, T-Mobile. It appears many of their HPSA+ rollouts are on the East Coast? How about giving us some love here?

Not only are we on the West Coast not getting any kind of a nod, T-Mobile is arousing our desire for faster wireless access by using words like "4G Speeds From T-Mobile Now Broadly Available".

Of course, not all mobile warriors know that HPSA+ isn't 4G. The optimal speed of HPSA+ is 21Mbps. That's pretty damn fast but it's not 4G. Still, I won't be complaining once T-Mobile decides the cell towers around me starts giving me HPSA+ love.

But with my G1, that's not gonna happen but that's my problem.

Now, ATT isn't too keen on T-Mobile's declaration. And I kinda agree. Its concern is that we might be led astray by the mention of 4G when, in fact, T-Mobile has no plans for LTE, WiMax, or any other 4G network that we know of.

Okay, ATT isn't saying all this because they care. The reason is selfish. ATT will no longer have the fastest 3G network once T-Mobile completes its HPSA+ network upgrade. On top of that, ATT will be slow to upgrade their 3G network while their LTE network won't be around for another 18 months.

Regardless, competition is grand and T_mobile isn't after ATT here. It's Sprint and its WiMax network that T-Mobile is gunning for with those 4G words.

Hopefully, this will light a fuse under the carriers to double time their 3G upgrade and 4G network buildout.

More at Gizmodo, CNet

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