Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weird Day: Russia And China Being Responsible?

I typically about about mobile tech and some social media stuff mixed with some green tech.  But I am an avid news reader and political junky.

So when I heard today that Moscow and Tehran exchanged words, I was flabbergasted.  Apparently, the Russians are on board with US-backed sanctions against Iran's ambition for a nuclear bomb.  Let's not prance around the issue.  They want a bomb.  And I think Russia finally realized that's a bad idea.

Then China is finally coming around being a responsible power by signaling that they might support UN actions (however meaningless) against North Korean aggression when they attacked a South Korean warship two months earlier.

I've mentioned that the Alliance (US-Sino merger) from the scifi TV series Firefly is more than just one man's made-up vision of the future for entertainment purposes.  

Anyway, them's the news.  Back to talking about mobile soon.

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