Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ALERT: Some Customer Info Exposed by ATT, This Is New (Not Last Week's iPad Episode)

Apparently, some folks who tried to sign up and pre-order this upstart...cough, iPhone, cough, four...were greeted with data that really shouldn't be there.

This is the second episode in the last couple of weeks where ATT didn't take their customer's data and privacy seriously.  Last week, hackers (who claimed they did it for the good for the world or so they said, FBI investigating) exposed the e-mails of some iPad owners.  Hard done but not the end of the world.

However, an independent contractor blamed a rollout of servers over the weekend.  What's worse is that some customer who log in ended up with information of another customer.

So, be aware, folks.  Now, the contractor is telling folks not to upgrade because of this.  I don't see the problem of upgrading (provided you can access the sytem on this crazy pre-order day for the iPhone 4) since the exposure is going to happen no matter what.

Still, watch out for funny activities.  I can't say Apple is happy with this latest episode.

Note:  for folks who pre-ordered the iPhone today like I did, no credit card information was taken down.

More at Daily Tech.

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