Green: Oil Slick Might Travel Up Eastern US Coast

Though no one knows for sure, the oil spill might travel up the eastern coast of the United States. This information is from a computer simulations not unlike those used in weather modeling.

However, one has to keep things in perspective. It's bad but we're not likely going to see a thick black ocean surface. It will be quite diluted. Still, you have to wonder what this will do to the sea life and the whole food chain.

Note: Increasingly, Onxo is going to talk about other things that are not just mobile tech or computing. But also about things that impact self-sufficiency and conservation. Yes, we need oil to power our economy but more and more, no matter what your political views are, self-sufficiency, no matter where you life in this planet, is in all our interests. Though many dispute the notion of climate change, conservation and going green should appeal to liberals (we know that), conservatives, and libertarians.


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