Thursday, June 10, 2010

Juniper Research: $32 Billion In App Sales By 2015

According to Juniper Research, anyone who looking to make some money, got some programming mojo, and the motivation, you can get yourself a piece of $32 billion in app revenue by 2015.

And thats just 2015. So when better to start writing apps than today?

Here's what I got from this post at Read, Write, Web. Less than $10 billion worth of apps were sold and to this date, for all the billions of downloads Apple likes to brag about, Apple has paid out $1.5 billion. Not bad but not the dominating performance I expected.

There's going to be a lot of growth and I believe Juniper added mobile ads as well. Still, a lot has to go write for this to happen. Like making sure we don't go into a double-dip recession but that's nothing to do with app developers.

Keep the apps coming. Me? Back to hitting the Objectie-C and Java books, after this Lakers-Celtics game.

More at Read, Write, Web

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