Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mobile Causing Bee Extinction?

I want to caution that we need no jump to conclusions and this appears to be a preliminary step in this direction as far as trying to figure out why the bees are dying and whether radiation emitted from mobile devices is a cause and may have a wider impact on the ecosystem.

After three months of study, the proponents of the study, Panjab University of India has found a disruptive link between the collapse of bee colonies and radiological emissions from mobile devices. Queens impacted by the radiation laid less eggs while while less honey is made.

Furthermore, worker bees stopped returning to the hive, either their innate navigation system is disrupted by cell signals or for the same reason that radiation affected the queen and the hive, the worker bees refused to return.

More studies need to be conducted given that not all hives are observed to be affected by cell signals.

I think we need to more study in this area just as I am not entirely sure that mobile radiation doesn't have an impact on humans. I also think the climate change as well as increase use of pesticides and other non-farm chemical leakage into the environment.

More At The Independent Nature and Yahoo News and Telegraph.

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