Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mobile Tip (Security): Beware of Copier Security Risks

Did you know some that some copiers have a hard drive inside of them? At our office, we use cheap ones that, I hope, has the memory wiped each time a fax is sent or received.

However, some of the more advanced copiers have hard drives in them that can constitute security risks as they may not get a good decent memory wipe. As you can see in this video from CBS News, it's very very scary.

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Find the right copiers and it can contain a gold mine of corporate as well as personal information as you can see from the video. I am among the 60% of folks who were not aware that these high tech digital copiers have hard drives (2008 Sharp Survey).

So, considered yourself warned. And this goes for your mobile devices like the iPhone and hard drives in laptops, netbooks, or desktops.

Note: Thanks to Dave the Mobile Warrior for this information.

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