Nintendo 3DS: Gret, But Could Have Been Better

Nintendo officially unveiled to the world the 3DS at E3 today. If you had a chance to follow the live blogs, what was your impression? Well, a huge sigh of relief. The 3D works as advertised. Mario and Company quiets the crowd.

Personally, I will need to see this for myself but I am excited about the 3D aspect. More than that, Nintendo is once again moving ahead of the pack.

At the same time, I can't help but hope that the DS would evolve into something more than a gaming platform but also a mobile platform. Honestly, Apple has quickly become a player in the gaming business.

And while much of the games for Apple's mobile platform lacks much of the depth offered by the DS, how long before that advantage is equalized? I had hope to see a Webkit browser in there for instance. I wanted to see a radically different form factor that allows the 3DS to be more.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind Nintendo focusing on gaming. But it might be time to move beyond that. For instance, with millions of kids using the DS, maybe Nintendo can create a Mario-themed manager for homework and school scheduling.

Now, we wait and see how Apple and Sony will respond. Isn't it interesting? We are now including Apple into the discussion.

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