Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weddings and Mobile

I am currently at a wedding fot a very good friend from college. It was an honor and privilege to be invited.

I have been to many weddings and as you probably know, they vary in a wide range of social interaction and fun. I have been to ones and part of ones where I knew a lot of people and others like this one where I knew few people.

In mobile, I am so glad to have my iPhone with me. It might be wrong of me to say this but I am able to keep occupied instead of sitting in silence through the whole wedding.

I am blogging now. Earlier, I was able to make a few moves on Chess with Friends and Words With Friends and built out my empire on We Rule.

But mobile should have a bigger role to play in such an event. For instance, we were given the wrong location to park. Many of the wedding guests were stranded including myself.

Do I wonder of it's possible for someone to create an app that allows the wedding party to keep track of the progress and status of guests.

Such an app can work for more than just weddings. It can include parties, funerals, and any event that requires coordination.

Anyway, gonna go talk to the ladies now.

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