Wireless Providers Should Play With Speed, Not Limit Usage

I called Apple about an hour ago to inquire about getting the the 3G iPad. The 2-3 week wait was disheartening and that's only if you're at the head of the reserved list they've got going in the store.

The reason I wanted to get a 3G model now, even though I've got a wifi-only version, is because I wanted to lock in the $30 per month unlimited 3G usage.  The reason is because starting on June 7th, AT&T will be do away with the unlimited data plans and replaced them with limited metered ones.

$15 For 250MB or $25 for 2GB. An extra GB will cost $10 more.

That's the wrong way to go. A better way would be what the DSL and cable market does: price different speeds at different prices but without limits.

This isn't just affecting the iPhone but other mobile devices as well - Android, Blackberry, Pre, Windows Mobile, and others. Furthermore, this will greatly affect innovation as people will find some apps or innovations hindered by the lack of wireless access.

Rationing becomes critical at this point. We'll see just how this works out and which provider or providers follow AT&T's lead.


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