Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amazon Generated $1 Billion Through Mobile

In the last 12 months, Amazon generated $1 billion in sales through mobile. That comes out to

How is this being done? One word: convenience.

As more smartphones and mobile devices get into the hands of shoppers, apps such as Amazon's can take advantage of putting into hands of users large catalogs of products. Users don't have to ever wait until they get home to conduct price comparisons, and purchases.

Just over this past Christmas holidays, I was at Target shopping for my nephews. Bumblebee, check. Latest evolution of Elmo, cheaper on Amazon, so check. Puzzles and books, free shipping and no taxes, definitely, check. I think I walked out of Target with some Christmas lights and decorations. I also saved some DVDs to Amazon for purchase later.

I can imagine an acceleration of mobile purchases in the coming years. Honestly, this really goes without saying. What will drive this acceleration is more than simply more folks turning to mobile computing.

Tablet adoption is taking off and no need to mention which particular device is driving this market. Amazon is very excited as increased adoption of tablets with bigger screens to drive sales.

In Amazon's report that was not mentioned is social networks. I think this will also play a big part in online sales. Beyond Facebook, location-based services like Booyah and Foursquare can be potential drivers as well. Just recently, Booyah has added another particular type of check-in: product check-in. I think that speaks wholly for itself. Use your imagination. If you're a retailer or etailer, you can't wait until more mobile services and products provide added convenience and social components to the mobile experience.

Also, ask eBay. It hopes to generate $1.5 billion in sales through mobile avenues. Wanna bet they're going to beat that?

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