Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple: Jobs Praised Google. Why?

At today's iPhone 4 press conference, Steve Jobs wondered out loud to the audience why it's typical behavior for people to tear down those at the top. Then he proceed to say that they, people in the audience representing the media, did the same thing to Google even though they made products everyone uses.

Huh? This is the same Steve Jobs who berated Google about stabbing Apple in the back. This is the same Steve Jobs who laughed at Google' motto of doing no evil.

So when I heard about this part of the press conference, I was some what wary. Here's what I tweeted through out. Yeah, twitter is great for pushing out quick and somewhat spontaneous thoughts.

Apple: jobs said some nice things about Google today even if only in passing. hmmm... (part 1)

Apple: what is jobs up to? They’re competitors and in the past, Jobs didn’t have good things to say about Google. (part 2)

Apple: specifically, Apple said Google went into mobile phones and Apple didn’t go into search (part 3)

Apple: after hearing that, I got the feeling Apple isn’t going to Google’s biz outside of ads (part 4)

Apple: Is Steve Jobs putting Google into a false sense of security? Eric needs to watch out. (part 5)

So, if I'm the CEO of Google, I wouldn't be calling Jobs tonight to thank for for saying nice things about Google. I'd be watching my back big time.

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