Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kindle Sold Out - What Now?

Kindle is no longer for sale on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter. So, What's next?

I'm sure the question will be answered in due course. Probably in the next few days or in the next few weeks. It is after all back-to-school season.

I'm sure the natural progression for Amazon is to release Kindle 3. Do you think it's possible that Amazon may pull a surprise and come out with a tablet?

We know Amazon has been building something to compete in the tablet market for a while now. I'm sure Bezos know that a dedicated reader in a world without the iPad was adequate. But now, things have changed. The market has changed.

So we are left with three scenarios:
  • Kindle 3 - an improved Kindle.  Perhaps faster refresh rate.  More features but not quite yet a tablet. Most likely to happen.
  • Kindle Tablet - A full fledge tablet to compete with the iPad compete with its own app store.  Amazon already has its own video and music store.  This would be an awesome competitor to Apple and its iOS-iTune ecosystem.  Not likely, not this year.
  • Kindle 3 and Kindle Tablet - Amazon releases both products simultaneous.  Even less likely.
I'm sure if there is an Amazon tablet, it won't be called the "Kindle Tablet".  However, imagine all the apparatus that Amazon has in place for years now - it has all the media pieces in place - music, videos (movies and television shows), and ebooks.

Furthermore, Amazon has the international reach that rivals Google and Apple and equally the same recognition.  

Realistically, I see only Kindle 3 for now.  But the day will come when Amazon will launch its own mobile platform complete with an ecosystem.  Tomorrow, next week, or the week after, expect only Kindle 3.

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