Musings: Green, Mobile, & Hot Weather

The hot weather in Southern California got me thinking really hard again about solar power and other green techs and behavior, namely, conservation. As a mobile warrior, I think everything from embracing green tech, conservation, healthy living all sort of go hand-in-hand.

I suppose these are codes that I try to live by or imagine living by. Mobile tech powered by the sun. Or everything that I can conceive of that uses electricity is powered by renewable energy. Mobile tech that is build to be green and recyclable. Mobile tech that is long lasting, in terms of functions and the batteries that power it.

Is this possible? I think so. I spent some time this weekend researching solar tech for my home as well as rechargeable solar devices to power my gadgets. Unfortunately, there is a lot more research involved because of a lot of misconceptions I have about electricity and battery technology.

Plus, I've also taken a serious look at the Nissan Leaf that I had previous complained doesn't give me the range that I needed it. For instance, a round trip to see my brother would take more than 120 miles (193 kilometers) but the Leaf battery offers only 100 miles per charge. And while I previously thought you need a special charger for the Leaf, it appars you can plug the Leaf into a regular household outlet (trickle charge).

So as you can see, it isn't as simple as taking off the shelf hardware from different industries and putting it together. Furthermore, I also look for being able to be self-sustained. And most solar solutions require being a part of the grid because battery solutions are still very expensive.

Again, the incredible hot weather in my area got me thinking once again about this. I think it's global warming but you can call it "climate change" or disagree with me entirely but you cannot deny efficiency and conservation are not good principles that all mobile users ought to swear by.


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