Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pulling For Tesla Helps Improve Mobile Life

Telsa Motors had a successful IPO last week. Telsa is trying to build a new fleet of electric vehicles that is highway capable. And it's the only one that can do that in North America (according to its wiki page).

A lot of the power we use in the US comes from non-renewable emery sources. Hence, driving around electric cars isn't going to help with our energy and petro problems. But if you power these Telsa-made vehicles with renewable energy sources like solar, we can be free of many of our geopolitical and climate problems.

But that not all I want to talk about. I am a worrier. And as a child, upon learning that our energy sources were limited, I have always worried about the day when our lights would not turn on. Today, as an adult, not too worried in that sense but I am still concerned about what a drain we still are on the planet.

And I think keeping green and conservative about energy use goes hand-in-hand with the mobile life that we at Onxo share with our readers. So imagine driving and powering your Telsa or other EV with your own green and efficient solar panels five years from now. In one year, you will be able to displays barrels of oil and eliminate tons of carbon emission into the atmosphere.

Just yesterday, President Obama announced an additional $2 billion to build solar power plants. While I can't say how much of that is due to the subpar jobs report from Friday, I applaud the merits of the plan. My only gripe is that this is 100 times less that what I would have liked to hear from the President.

I know that my green vision isn't going to happen overnight or even within a couple of decades. Rather, it's going to be a one-roof-at-a-time kind of progress. And a comprehensive energy policy is going to involve a lot of moving parts and special interests.

But a large part of this in the US is going to be driven by companies like Telsa dare to breakthrough convention and bring us a step closer to help us become less dependent on oil. So I am pulling big time for Tesla.

Also, keep in mind that Nissan will be releasing its plugin vehicle Leaf capable of 100 miles per charge and General Motors' plugin hybrid, the Volt at the end of the year.

So we are getting there. How does this impact iPhone and Blackberry carrying mobile warriors? Aside from the benefits we are likely to gain from research into battery technology, I believe that our vehicles will also serve as a center for data and media. I will go more into how our cars will serve our wireless needs but for now, I am going to be pulling big time for Tesla.

And maybe July 4th in the United States will having an additional meaning as well.

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