Summer Heat And Mobile Devices

There's nothing that a mobile device can do to alleviate the weather conditions no matter who made it. Yeah, neither Apple or Google can do anything about the 102F that I am experimenting.

There are some apps that can help you prepare for them. Obviously, weather apps can tell you to the forecast. These apps can tell you the current conditions so that you know what to wear for the day.

But more than that, how about the manufacturing of our precious mobile devices and their relationship to climate change, or global warming to some. Personally, I am in the global warming camp because I like to error on the side of things.

By picking and being conscience of which mobile device makers are more green, environmentally friendly, or climate friendly, we can potentially make some differences.

In LA for much of my life, I can't help but feel that each of the last summer has been warmer than the one before. And so far, 2010 has been warmest year so far. And summers in LA can be warm, and down right hot for a few days but never this muggy and humid as it has been the last three summers.

So collectively, if we are also conscious of buying green and planet-friendly devices, just maybe we can make a difference going forward.

-- Post From My iPad


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