Monday, July 26, 2010

Wireless Carriers Need Not Be Dump Pipes; Needs Innovation

The worst nightmare of any wireless provider is that they will end up being mere dump pipes and serve as the constant whipping boys for the mobile users whenever their wireless connection is lacking or their calls get dropped.

The solution is easy. Get out ahead of the game and innovate. Just as Verizon recently acknowledged that Apple opened up their eyes about the app store, wireless providers can also attempt to create their own mobile ecosystem without trying to create a wall around their wireless services and limit the mobile experience.

For instance, T-Mobile even have half a dozen apps in the Android Market, most notably, Social Buzz, that integrates Facebook, Twitter, and My Space. And it has one of the best reviews I've seen for social apps for Android.

Another potential example could be the the location based services. There is no need to create their own services but the wireless companies can partner with the likes of MyTown or Foursquare and try to tailor experiences specific to their network.

I know that it's in the DNA of these wireless providers to be evil but I haven't lost hope that these guys will see the light and really embrace the wireless experiences that its customers want and facilitate and enhance the overall market.

But innovation will need to restart right away and old ways of thinking supplemented new ideas. Because they are competing with some of the more entrenched consumer companies like Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google.

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