Thursday, July 15, 2010

Without Internet Access, Work Must Go On

I am sitting in the audience of a local public radio forum. The topic is about foo desert, not dessert. Desert. While the topic is important, this isn't what I am writing about. The reason I wm writing is because I am contemplating going without wireless Internet for a few months. You know, sort of going back the days before iPhones and ubiquitous Internet access through cellular connections.

For instance, there is no Wi-Fi access here at the Crawford Family Center and by the time I am done with this post, I will have to wait until I find a hotspot and push it out that way. There are a few Starbucks within a few blocks as well as a Borders bookstore on the way home.

I do have my G1 here with me and if I wanted to, I can activate the Wi-Fi Tethering app. But if I do go through with my experiment when my T-Mobile contract has been fulfilled, I will not have this option.

I am sure there are bloggers out there or subject-oriented enthusiasts like myself who do not have the luxury of 3G access. And without it, it is obvious what must happen in my case.

Since I do have access through 3G at this time, I will be posting this via my G1 when I'm done with this post. And sure, it can wait until I am sure to find Internet access through another mean and that may be how things for me in the foreseeable future.

So with or without Internet, work must go on.

-- Post From My iPad

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