Sunday, August 29, 2010

Battery Saving Tips For Laptops

I found a 3-year old post on battery saving tips for laptop users. I came across it when I googled about the battery life saving potentials of adding extra RAM.

It's been a while since I've talked about battery life and tips. I was beginning to sound like a broken record. Having said that, battery life has increased in the last couple of years especially those offered by Apple (drawback is that they don't allow users to easily change out the battery). Typically, Macbooks ranges from 9-10 hours of use. I only see HP and Dell advertise use of 9-cell batteries which I think do well enough for most folks working under a normal load.

But more battery life the better I say. And frankly, this post ain't all that much more different anything that I have written up in the past year for laptops, iPhones, or other mobile devices. Dimming, defragging, conditioning. I'm sure you've heard all that before.

And while battery life has improved through a variety of technical advances, the fact that we are still using the same battery-saving techniques say volumes about the state of battery development. It's 2010 and we still haven't see methane-powered fuel cells. Or even hydrogen powered cell phones.

So, while I have also shared my opinions and news about green tech and the enthusiastic push from some quarters of the government and entrenpreurs, I like to see a mini stimulus for trying to make a giant leap forward for mobile devices. Perhaps we might see that in the course of researchers trying to find a way to store renewable energy source, miniaturization will still be required to apply any new technology.

For now, I leave you with a 3-year old post on saving battery life that is very much still relevant today.

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