Thursday, August 12, 2010

Being Mobile Even In An Office

At home or work, I can seem to sit on one place for a long time. A few hours here and a few hours there.

Unfortunately, we don't use laptops at work. WiFi...nope. But I do have my iPhone and G1 With me at all times. At times, I bring my iPad with me. I can work on docs, emails, and even spreadsheets.

Efficient? No. The reason is that there is a lot of print to be done. I'd have to email docs to my desktop and then print from there. All of this can be done through tethering though my G1.

The iOS devices haven't gain the ability to print, via WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other means. Perhaps, in the next major update, we will be able to do that.

But with a couple of devices, I have been able to put together my own portable and wireless solution.

Before 2008 or so, I would not have thought this possible. I didn't find out I can tether with my G1 until about nine months ago.

With my contract with T-Mobile fulfilled, I think I'd be interested in other options including getting a wireless modem that can act as a router to support two or three of my mobile device.

I guess sometimes we have to make our own space and create our own solutions.

-- Post From My iPad

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