Friday, August 27, 2010

Editorial on Presidential Rescues Of American Pawns...I Mean "Prisoners"

This is a mobile blog but I just have to address this international politic situation because from the view of my porch on Main Street USA, this parade of former US leaders going over to rescue American prisoners is getting moronic.

Now that we’re out of former Presidents to send to rescue dumb-ass Americans who like to be used as pawns by crazy Kim’s North Korean regime need to be warned: if you get caught, it’s over.

First it was President Bill Clinton. And now Carter. What’s insulting is that Kim wasn’t even in town to receive him because he’d rather be in Beijing! For Kim, it’s “been there, done that”. So the next American who decides to run into North Korea know this: we’re out of former Democratic Presidents. And the other two left, the Bushes who are both GOP Presidents, are probably not too keen on making any quick trips to Pyongang. Remember, W did induct North Korea into the exclusive club called the “Axis of Evil”. I don’t think he’s welcomed there.

So if you happen to be stupid enough to get caught by the North Korean secret police or get stranded within the borders of another despotic state, you’re screwed. And if the White or State Department insists on sending people over to for a quick jail-break, you better hope and pray that they’ll trade your release for a visit from a former high ranking Cabinet member (like a Sec of State or Defense) plus a delegation of liberal-ish Senators like John Kerry.

And if that doesn’t work, consider yourself fraked. Let me make this into a mobile post with a dash of this: Bring your DS or iPod Touch if you’re put yourself and nation on display for despots. You should be there for a long long time.

Note: The timing of the rescue is suspect. I hope this isn’t an election ploy by the Obama administration (yes, I voted for President Obama) for the midterms. I don’t think it is.

Another note: I refuse to name the prisoner because there’s no point in giving him any seconds of fame.

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