Monday, August 30, 2010

Foursquare, Despite Facebook's Best Effort, Refuses To Go Quietly Into The Night

By now, Foursquare has over three million users. In fact, the rate of signups have increased since Facebook unveiled Places. What's Places? Just another tool by Facebook to erode our sense of privacy.

I am an avid user and supporter of Foursquare and Yelp and I am glad they they remain just as viable today was they were a week ago. The demise of location-based services predicted by many in light of Facebook's entry into the market remains to be seen but I think FS announcing that they're doing better now is fantastic.

So continue to support MyTown, Foursquare, and Yelp if you haven't yet. As a matter of fact, Yelp is currently experimenting with local coupons and deals. I think it'll be worthwhile to jump into this social phenomenon and expect some sort of returns. 2011 could be a good year for these services.

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