RIM's Torch Launch Over, Now Windows Phone 7 - Video Tour

Now that RIM has broken my heart by revealing it's been giving out copies of key to its kingdom, not even the news of the new Blackberry Torch is enough to make people happy and excited. Just ask the blogs and the market as investors priced down the stock.

Bottom-line: RIM is likely to hold serve and keep fans happy but its version of OS 6 doesn't have what it takes to attract new users.

Well, security issues aside, RIM will likely continue to grow at a nice pace. We'll see what the fallout of the United Arab Emirates shutdown is going to do.

Now, the focus will be on Windows Phone 7. Here a 4-part video on what we can expect. There's nothing new here that we haven't seen from Microsoft and even other mobile platforms. But the looks is a bit different. That's always good.



More at WMpoweruser.


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