Thursday, September 16, 2010

As you know, I've got a G1 on T-Mobile and given the amount of data I use, even with tethering, it ain't all that much. So I got to thinking about this: I can switch over to a regular phone and get the regular Internet service that only cost $10. I still get 3G service. I know it's a bit retro but hey, I am a retro kind of guy.

At the end of the day, I get a new phone and my rate is lowered by $15 a month, give or take depending on how the tax is figured.

And maybe I can even get a wireless modem to stick my sim card in if I really want to create a mobile hotspot Or if not, I can alway tether via USB based on instructions I found over the Internet with the Sony Equinox.

Has anyone else given this a try? And to go one step further, has anyone done this and stick the sim card back into an Android device?

I am still research and I'll report back in the next couple of days on how this works out.

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