Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cafe And Wifi

We can now get free wireless Internet at Starbucks, Borders, and Barnes And Noble. We can theoretically sit there as long as we want.

I typically buy a drink and some kind of pastry because I don't want to be freeloading off heir kindness. Well, they are giving us free Internet to drive traffic into the store.

Still, I wonder what is a good balance. I hope to have the money one day to own my own coffee shop. And I have had a lot of discussion about what to best drive foot traffic, offer Internet access, and still make a decent living.

And let's face it, free WiFi is a fact of life now. But more importantly so is providing a good atmosphere and good java.

For now as a patron, I will continue to buy things at a coffee shop in exchange for their hospitality. Hopefully when the time comes, my customers will feel the same as I do now.

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