Saturday, September 25, 2010

From iPhone And Androd to Equinox

I am on the T-Mobile Equinox from Sony now. It'll be my main phone for a while until HTC, Motorola, or Apple blow me away with something much more impressive than the boring old iPhone or Droid. G2 is great but let's face it: 2-core chip it don't got or a 4" screen.

So I've been telling folks that I've gone retro. And there is something quite nostalgic about it. It was like this one time when I had to use dial-up in an emergency.

Although I do worry about the health of my thumbs. Even when I was on my Samsung Trace or the older Sony phones, I hardly text. There was no need to but, now, with the first month of Internet free, I decided to set up IM and my email which, surprisingly, included push. So I likely typed more and exerted more force with my thumbs than ever before at any other time in my life. With the iOS, thumb typing involved only light pressures.

One function I'll use quite a bit is the reading app called Qi00. I first discovered this when I was trying to see whether I can download text files to read. When you go to the mobile site, one of the option download is Qi00 mobile. It ends with a ".jar" suffix. To my surprise, Qi00 was already on the Equinox.

So that is all for now. I am going to take some videos and pictures to see how well the camera works for fun casual uses. I'll post then later tonight.

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