Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Google Tablet: Android or Chrome OS

It's going to be very confusing if Google doesn't clear up which OS it favors for its slate and tablet strategy. Right now, most hardware developers are working on Android tablets to challenge the dominance od Apple's iPad. However, word is getting out that there are also Chrome OS-based varieties as well.

Well, I for one will be forced to wait and see where this leads before I get one or the other. Deep down, Google would love for users to embrace Chrome OS for netbooks and slates. When Google introduced it to the world last year and updated us again earlier this year, it was in a netbook format. Since it is only a toss and a skip to the tablet form, don't be surprise to see Google trumps it as its favorite OS choice for tablets.

The problem is that we do love out apps. And Google is going to have to reset everything all over again to get the Chrome OS webapp store stocked up to the level of the iPhone app store or Android's marketplace.

So even if Google picks Chrome OS, Android fans might not flock to it. Only the most die-hard of Google fans are likely yo support it out of the gate.

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