Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mobile Data Rationing

I have an Android data plan with T-Mobile that I am holding on to dearly though in a few occasions, I have wondered if I really needed it.

With new apps like Slingplayer and other streaming apps like Netflix, I have kept it if only to write about the experiences.

But I'd you've got one of those horrible new iPhone data plans, you will not likely know what it was like to enjoy 3G access worry-free. You'll probably be rationing access or saving all your data allotment for weekends or when you really need it.

And with the FCC set to provide rules on Internet, there is a battle goin on between those who think the Internet should be a open and free space fir users and companies a like, the giant telecoms and their new Google ally is trying to make sure the Internet is cut up into pieces for themselves.

Perhaps, data rationing, which I know is being practiced among some iPhone users, is the least of out worries.

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