Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mobile Screens: What Is The Ideal Size?

Apple has its Retina Display for the iOS devices at 3.5 inches while most others are around the 800x400 or so with varying sizes from 3.5 inches and up to 5 inches.

Of course, some Android tablets are able to go up to 7" or so. So what is the ideal display?

I have looked at the Galaxy S from Samsung and the 4" display is awesome. Very vibrant. But upon realizing that my iPod touch and iPhone with their Retina Display (324 dpi) has such crisp graphics and text, I find that I can't go back to any display that I can see the individual dots.

And it has led me ot wonder just how Apple plan on bringing Retina Display to the iPad and MacBooks and how other device makers will do the same for their phones and tablets.

I suppose we'll know in 2011. And yeah, size does matter for these screens but more importantly, the quality of what we see matters just as much. An Android phone with a 3.7" display versus a 7" display on a tablet is going to look much better.

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