Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smartphones Are Future of Computing But Not Next PC

Jen-Hsun Huang,Nvidia's CEO, believes smaetphones are the new PC. Well, he is right that smartphones will replace personal computers as these mobile devices become more and more powerful. Instead of replacing PCs outright, smartphones are ushering in a new era of computing and revolutionizing how we interact with mobiles.

We think that when a CEO of a company declares its products or services as the next greatest thing in their markets, we have to believe that they are merely selling their wares. Or it could be that they believe the future is moving in a particular direction and has maneuvered its corporate strategy accordingly.

During a recent strike in South Africa, students were left unprepared for their exams which prompt them to receive their lessons over cell phones running on a local mobile platform.

Farmers in third countries receive reports over their cell phones. The Japanese consumed books on their mobiles while commuting to and from work as well as during breaks. In the US, our iPhones and Android devices have liberated us from even laptops, allowing us to conduct social and business interactions much the same way mobile warriors did on their laptops before smartphones became a parting our social consciousness.

Huang is trying to sell his Tegra 2 as the chip to power these new class of more powerful smartphones and tablets and while it is self-serving, he isn't too far off. Only these mobile devices are not here to replace computers, much of it the domain of Intel and Microsoft. Anyone trying to design their smartphone or mobile device with the idea of replacing PCs will fail.

Rather, mobile devices will continue to augment our social and mobile experiences. Perhaps we shoul do away with the term "mobile computing" when talking about smartphones entirely.

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