Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wireless Access On Public Transportation (In Shanghai)

One of the thing that I can't get in riding city trains is the lack of wireless Internet access be it. I can get 3G on my G1 or iPhone but good luck with that when going through dead spots or tunnels. Hey, that's life right?

Well, looks like Shanghai's maglev train (you know, the fastest in the world at 250 miles per hour, yeah, that one) will be getting LTE service. So, Huawei's Australian arm is given the contract to make it happen. How are they doing? 20Mbit/s download.

After reading the post, I want it. Actually, I want both the maglev train and LTE service but I don't want to be too greedy. Just give me wifi access on typical metro rides. I don't think that's too much to ask is it? As a matter of fact, train officials can entice more riders if they offer Internet connectivity. They offer free Internet for monthly ticket holders or at a reduced access rate for access.

I'd go for that if I have the need to ride the train on a more regular basis.

More at Daily Wireless.

Note: The ironic thing is that Australia doesn't have trains this fast so by the time they have it, LTE access should be no problem.

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