Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cloudy Day With Misty Rain, What Mobile Was Made For

Ocasionally, i like to share how i use my mobile gears. Sometimes its cool but other times, it is just a reflection of how i am amazed by what we can do these days with our laptops, iPads, and other smartphones.

I will be going out quite a bit this week to Starbucks or any other local coffee shops this week as LA will be experiencing some light drizzle for the next few days. Winter is coming and this is as close it it'll get to it in LA. We'll probably be experiencing a short-sleeved Christmas but, hey, I am not complaining. Living in the here and now.

But this is what mobile is for. I've got my iPad here to cruise the Web and get back into the blogging game while the Equinox serves as the phone and the iPod touch for everything else - taking quick snapshots and videos of interesting things and, of course, gaming.

I've left my G1 at home along without the iPhone. Since the touch, the iPhone has been relegated to the role of a MP3 player and the G1 is what I use to experiment with the latest Android hacks and other Googleness.

While writing this post, my mom sat across from me talking to here sister and friends in Asia via Skype, jacked into the Starbucks' free wifi network. Again, how cool is that? She knows how to use the Skype access number but it is easier via the iOS app. (I picked up her up in the morning to take her walking but she lucked out due to the light rain. So, we are at Starbucks instead.)

-- Post From My iPad

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