Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mifi, Smartphone, Or 3G Tablet

I am sitting on a bench at a supermarket where I took my mom so she can shop for her organic fruits. Bored, I busted out my iPad to get some work done. But only wifi support, I am not able to connect to the Internet or even post this entry until I gave access to a hotspot.

So I am beginning to question whether a device with a cell connection is best for those of us mobile warriors who find wireless Internet access a convenience and not a necessity yet. In a few years, a majority of the devices sold will have wireless access through wireless cellular providers. Even White space access will play a big role.

So, why make the distinction and just live with that fact?

And yet we are not there. I like devices like the 3G iPad because there is no need to carry anything else for access. But having a mifi does let more than one device use the wireless hotspot.

As I await for WiMax to become officially available and I can have the option of using a WiMax device like the iSpot, choices will need to be made.

I am leaning towards the mifi option.

-- Post From My iPad

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