Wednesday, December 29, 2010

iSpot Sold Out!

Short and brief.  A couple of friends of mine apparently looked into the iSpot but were unable to find it online.  What happened?

Sold out is what happened.  In fact, there was a special promotion on the iSpot for $20.  Apparently, that was after I bought mine for $100.

Thanks to Dave the Mobile Warrior for clearing up this matter.  So if you go happen to go onto Clearwire's website to look for the iSpot and the great $25 a month access to WiMax with no need to sign a contract, you're out of luck.

If I had an online chat with a Clear rep who said:

Due to the ongoing popularity of the iSpot device, we are currently out of stock indefinitely. At this time, we are uncertain when this device will be offered again. The iSpot is still available for in-hand retail purchases only until the physical inventory is depleted. If you provide me with your zip code, I can locate a store in your area where you can inquire about this device.

So there you have it.  If you want one, your only option is to go a Clear retail store.  I don't know if it'll still be $20 or $100.

Regardless, this is a fantastic deal if you own an iOS device.  You can't beat any mobile access deal.  Even with a smartphone, you're looking at $30 a month from Verizon.  And if you want unlimited access, you can forget about going to ATT.  T-Mobile has fast HSPA+ but it still costs more than $25 and it's limited to what device which you have an account for.

With the iSpot, it's a mifi that allows you to connect multiple iOS devices like the iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone.  Yeah, that is great if you have an iOS device.  And if you don't, you are out of luck.

Even so, the Clear Spot at $55 isn't a bad deal if you think about it.  In my previous post, I wrote about my experience using the iSpot and my iPod touch.  With a Clear Spot, you can use it with any device.  Beats paying $75 and up for a smartphone access and being locked in for two years.

Note: I am very excited about the iSpot for more importantly, I am excited about the prospect of this mobile future where wireless data is all that we need and that voice communication are a function of it, not something that we are forced to sign up for.  It's why I support what Clear is offering.  And the cheap $25 access helps too.

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