Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mobile Manners - Listen To Authority And No Slapping

A man nearly seventy years old slapped a defiant teen who refused to turn off his iPhone as instructed by the flight screw on take off.

I don't understand why people today are so inconsiderate. By that, I am referring to the kid. And belligerent, by that, I am referring to the old man.

Simply put, we are in the cusp of new social norms especially with pervasiveness of social media and mobile communications into our lives. Ten years ago, worries about digital devices like laptops, tablets, and cell phones, let alone smartphones, was not thing that airlines needed to worry about much.

Regardless, hitting under any condition is not acceptable. Sure, the man could be old-school. He'd probably approve of this kid's parents giving him a good spanking. But these aren't the old days and, even so, I'm of the school that spanking or any other physical coercion to change behaviors just doesn't work.

Back to what proper behaviors out to be in this mobile revolution that we are now a part of, we need to understand that we are just at the beginning of what mobile is and what we can do. But there ought to be some decent ground rules.

In this case, if a flight crew, concerned for the safety of a flight, asks nicely to comply with airline regulations (sensible ones such as turning off digital equipment during take off and landing), it makes sense to comply.

But if there happens to be a passenger who doesn't want to listen, let the flight crew deal with it. They are professionals and trained just for this.

As mobile warriors, we do need to be aware of just what kind of impact our mobile activities are having on our immediate surrounding and society at large. Tread light and carefully is what I am saying.

Just know that we live in a society where ever little mishaps could mean regulations, regulations, regulations. Don't let me get into it about politicians...sheesh....

More at CNN.

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