Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Plants Inside And Around A Home: Does It Save Energy Cost?

I was reading a CNet article about how building energy management should soar as owners look to cut energy cost for cooling and heating their high rises and skyscrapers.  Then I got an idea.  

For the most part, building owners will try to retrofit or, if they're building from scratch, build their buildings with the thought of energy efficiency.  Like using power during off-peak hours to cool buildings.  Not a bad a idea.

So I thought, hey, how about in door plants.  They can take up a lot of heat during summer months and that might help a bit, right?  

Well just how much I wonder?  Then I got to thinking about it on a smaller scale.  How about inside my own humble little home.  A few small trees here and there might block out sunlight or help insulate house a bit.

Does anyone know if this will help much other than really making the house look more green?

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