Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Samsung Tab Sighted In Public

I saw my first Samsung Tab. And in public. Not at a store but I really should go see one. No, I saw one at Borders in Pasadena where I was trying to get some work done.

And this is how it went down.

I did not notice it at first as I was busy hacking away on my Macbook, trying to promise myself that I would finish my nanowrimo project. For those who know what it is, I know, I know, it's already December 22nd. But better late than never.

But I felt someone staring in my direction. I looked up and saw a father standing in line with her daughter for their drinks. When the little girl walked away from her dad so she can get a better look at desserts, in the father's hand was a tablet.

I noticed that he was staring at the iPad that was on my table. I stared back. What was that thing? It was no iPad because the size of the thing was much smaller. The man was able to hold it like a big-sized paperback. And it had a wider-screen than the iPad.

And I know there is no iPad mini. Steve Jobs said so. No 7" iPad!

The staring ended when it was the father and daughter's turn to order. But after they got their drink, they walked towards my direction. I made a point to burn the image of the device into my mind.

Then there was a bit more staring. And I noticed the 3G signal on the screen as he walked by.

After they had walked behind me and I could no longer see the device, I googled the Tab. Then a couple of the other more well known Android tablets. It was the Tab!

So what do I think? I can't say much about it since I did not get to play with it or have it lay next to my iPad. I don't think the man would have agreed to anyway. Believe me when I tell you that his stares were icy.

But I noticed that he would tap on the screen with one hand. Specifically, with one finger. I tried to imagine myself doing that on the iPad. Easily done. I probably would type on the on-screen keyboard than tap at the keys in landscape model.

Then I imagine trying to type on the 7" screen of the Tab. I could probably do it by using my index fingers just like I already do now on the iPad in portrait model. But whenever I try that, I quickly tire and go back to the landscape model.

That's all for now. Oh, and the man was mostly reading from it. I think it was through the browser and not an ebook reader app or another reading app.

Again, just reporting on what I saw. I really should go into a Best Buy or visit one of the carriers to check it out. Anyway, I just thought I share my first Tab sighting. I'm not saying whether the 7" screen is adequate or not or whether Samsung jumped the gun by using Android 2.2.

Over all, it was pretty cool to see someone else using a tablet that did not have the Apple logo on it.

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