Thursday, January 13, 2011

Forced To Work on The iPod touch - How It Worked Out

I am on the iPod touch right now. Writing, listening to music, and doing whatever else I do on the Internet at night.

Forced to do this because the MacBook is doing backups. So I figure now is as good as any other time to do some drive maintenance as well. And because I want it done faster, I decided to stay off it while TechTool and Time Machine do their things.

And yet, I feel complete at ease on the iPod touch. Oh, it is sharing duties with the iPad.

So far, there isn't anything I need to do that I can't do on my iOS devices. Well, there is are some Web updates I need to do with iWeb and Rapidweaver but the text I wanted post are already completed.

I am current watching an iOS development lesson on the iPad. We're learning how to create a calculator.

Anyway, it was the realization that I was able to be as productive as I could have been on a MacBook, a laptop. And in some cases, I was able to perform better on the iPad than on the MacBook.

See, I am trying to create illustrations for a book I am trying to write. Using SketchBook on the iPad, I was able to create drawings closer to anything I could do on paper. To date, I have not come close to doing the same using a mouse.

Anyway, as far as mobile goes, I think I can chalk up tonight very productive despite not touching the MacBook at all.

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