Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forget about the iPhone, Android's Biggest Worry May Be Google

As you know by now, the iPhone will soon be available on the Verizon network. And in my previous blogs, you can see that I think that is a great thing because of added competition from Apple means pricing pressure on the handset makers as well as faster innovation.

Now, I see that Apple's new competitive pressure on the Android market has Google doing things that I am not sure is good for Android but good for Google.  And as Android fans, I'm not sure I care what is or isn't good for Google. And the stupid thing is that if Android falters, Google can take a huge setback in the mobile war.

Here's why

There will soon be a specific area in the marketplace called the "Tegra Zone"  It's exactly what it sounds like.  Tegra 2 equiped devices only, anyone else need not enter.  Well, if about Samsung with its own new dual core CPU or comparable Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm?  Are they not allow to run those apps?

They probably can but this will confuse the heck out of regular users like us.  And wait, there's more.  Sony is expected to have its own section of the app store accessible by PS phones running on Android.  

I further see Samsung, HTC, and Motorola fragment the Marketplace further with their own stores and, likely, with exclusive games and apps.  

Personally, I'm stick with the stock Marketplace.  But I can't help but fear that while the powers that be behind the Android effort are fine with some confusion, I don't know if the average mobile warrior will be happy with the confusion.  Can you already see reps at the wireless carriers telling everyone to buy the iPhone because it's got only one app store where you can get everything you need?

I know Google is in this to sell ads.  But hey, Google, what happens when less people buying the devices on which you want to sell your ads?  

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