Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Play Mobile Games Has Changed Me, For the Better

I've always played video games throughout my life.  Since the old Atari days. Then on the Appl II, PCs, and, now, on iOS devices.  It was only recently that I realized by dedicating my time to certain games, I have changed my real world behaviors.  These games include Smurf Village, Ngmoco's We Rule and We City.

The idea behind these games is to work, farm, or build things. In exchange, you gain money.  These games are not necessarily time consuming but it does take dedicating and patience. And because I've begun to notice that I've also began to treat how I play games and things in real life.

Here are some other ways that I've changed since playing games more because of convenience and accessibility due to mobility on my iOS devices.

  • In the simulation games that require building resources, I have noticed that I too have been watching my finances more carefully.  In effect, I'm maximizing every single penny.  Yeah, pennies.  And here, I am going to term "pennyze".  It's only been a short while but I see my bank account balance to potentially benefit as a result.
  • As in simulations games, you arrange your city or kingdom to your liking or changes in new resources.  I too do that with my home.  As a matter of fact, I've taken this to another step and drawn up plans for my spring plantings for my backyard.  I've bought new fruit trees and will begin planting vegetables in a few months  I would never imagine doing that had I not been playing these games.
  • Puzzles are fun but before mobile, it was not something I sought to look out for.  Now, the convenience of these games are on my iPod touch, I am play a few of them every day.  And I have noticed a quicker mind and consider possibilities I don't think about.
  • Better attern recognition.  
  • Better memory.
  • Maybe increased confidence as a result of these positive changes.
Obviously, there is a danger in translation your gaming persona a bit too much over into reality.  I've yet to encounter anything destructive.  Obviously, time time blasting away zombies, a popular genre in the iOS app store, has led me to walk down the street bashing people's heads on (even though I think more than a few folks in this world have no brains - you know, living zombies).

What do you think?  Have any of you felt similar changes?  How about negative changes too?  

I want to stress that this may not have been possible if not for the fact that these games are so easily accessible to me.  I'm a lazy creature by nature.  I don't open up my computer to play games.  And most of these games are either free or cost just a buck helps.  

Most importantly is the convenience of having these games in my pocket and I can play them when I have the time.  

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