Sunday, February 13, 2011

3D on Mobile - Nice To Have But Few Real Needs So Far

LG is pushing hard into 3D with mobile. The next LG phone and tablet for T-Mobile in the US will have 3D capability. I really applaud their first mover status in this market. It can make a difference. But as for mobile 3D, I'm still out on just how big a market it will command and just who will use it.

Nintendo will release the 3DS in a matter of weeks and 3D in gaming is something that only a small segment of the consumer market can look forward to.

3D camcorders adoption has not quite pick up pace nor has 3D televisions. It will take many more years before 3D is evolved enough as a mature technology so that regular folks like myself will compelled to adopt it. However, as the technology move mainstream, what uses are there?

Imagine a day when a doctor is able to bring his tablet into an appointment and show the patient 3D medical scans. Miners are able to see 3D images of routes to make their passages safer. Or possibly military adoption of 3D use on the battlefields or humanitarian missions that will open up new doors for the technology.

It is possible mobile market will ease the way to 3D use in the consumer market that home entertainment has failed to do. Now, it is easy to bring up Apple in this matter. After all, using hard drives in MP3 players did not become widely used until Apple introduced the original iPod. If Apple starts using 3D tech in its iPhones and iPads, it can help but that still might not be enough.

Someone has to demonstrate 3D use to the average mobile warrior and lead him to a self-realization of how they could have lived without it. From there, it goes into the living room.

Who will that be and how will it be done is history that is still being written. We've seen failures so far but success is assured. Maybe it will be 3DS or LG's mobile 3D that open the door and someone else charges through and changes our perceptions once more.

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